IT Security

Security Governance


An effective information security program has to be closely aligned with the business goals of the enterprise and be based on actual threats and vulnerabilities. It is also important to regularly measure the effectiveness of the implemented security controls. Third party risk has become a concern for enterprises, as this has been widely exploited by attackers. Changing regulatory requirements force enterprises to frequently review their current positions in order to remain compliant and avoid fines and penalties. Mokxa provides end-to-end security governance services ranging from security risk assessments to setting up enterprise-wide governance practices allowing companies to improve their security postures and meet stringent regulatory requirements.


User & Application Security


Access to enterprise systems needs to be secured using strong authentication and managing privileged users.  New techniques such as AI and behavior analytics now allow access controls to be improved. As enterprises migrate to the cloud identity management solutions will need to be extended to the new environments in order to ensure security. Similarly, all critical data in the enterprise needs to be identified, classified, and secured. Best practices include encryption for data both at rest and in motion and an effective monitoring and backup plan. Weaknesses in business applications can be exploited to gain access and steal sensitive data. Ability to manipulate input data for applications, vulnerability in web services, and lack of system-to-system validation are all issues that should be addressed to improve security posture. Mokxa provides design and implementation services for enterprise identity and access management solutions, federated solutions, and privilege user management solutions. Our data security services include data encryption, data management, and data loss prevention. Mokxa application security services range from implementing secure application development practices to setting up secure API and web service governance procedures.


Network & Infrastructure Security


Both on-premise and cloud infrastructure should be secured effectively. Access and usage on desktops, servers, networks, and end-points should be controlled and security devices, such as firewalls, proxy servers, and intrusion detection and prevention systems, must be in place to limit threats. Security vulnerabilities must be remediated in a timely manner and critical systems monitored for suspicious activities. Mokxa provides infrastructure security solutions for end-point management and malware protection, enterprise monitoring solutions, and incident management systems. In addition, Mokxa provides services related to secure cloud migration.

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