Health Engage

Platform to engage members and providers real-time


  • Engage members when they need their healthcare payer the most

  • Notification to care coordinators when a member arrives in ER or other monitored high cost facilities – Engage with the members ahead of time

  • Auto recoding every Physician visits with wait times 

  • Feed members contextual and personalized content

“Opportunities are endless… The platform enables real time touchpoints with members and providers at the time for care”

How it relates to


Payers get the benefits of 

  • Engage with members when they need their healthcare payer the most

  • Crowd source the Provider Office addresses to cleanse the provider data

  • Notification to care coordinators / payers when a member arrives at ER or other monitored high cost facilities - Engage with the members real time for better care coordination

  • Auto recording every provider visits with wait times at the facilities for performance management

  • Auto recording of visits to facilities can help avoid fraud 

  • Medication adherence record can be sent to provider office just at the time of visit

  • Real time eligibility check can be executed with no effort in an automated fashion

  • Feed members contextual information during the wait time at provider office for hitting disease management and wellness management measures /goals

  • While members leave provider office – capture visit survey / feedback – for capturing quality measures


Providers get the benefits of

  • Instant and automated eligibility checks for members when they check-in

  • Providers will have ability to enable promotions on the app for recruitment studies

  • Providers can participate in pay-for-performance programs  as an example where wait times is a measure

  • Auto record visits and wait times that are accurate 

  • Send notifications to their patients

  • Even collect their co-pays if needed


Members get the benefit of

  • Auto Member Checking when member arrives using his smart device

  • Less wait times at provider office with pay-for-performance

  • Members get personalized content on their devices

  • Enable “Priority” features on the app when member is at provider office i.e. faster connect to customer service

  • Get notifications from their providers

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